Liverpool’s Waterfront And The Royal Albert Dock - My Continued Inspirations 2007 - 2019

Images uploaded before Bloodwise had changed it's name from Bloodwise to Blood Cancer UK


Liverpool’s Waterfront  has been an inspiration to me, the images in this chapter are taken of the Waterfront, The Royal Albert Dock and surrounding areas.

 Liverpool’s 800th Birthday 28/8/07 ©David Lydiate @liverfocus Supporter Of Blood Cancer UK @bloodcancer_uk @BCUK_North  

Above is a photograph of Liverpool’s Waterfront buildings, The Port Of Liverpool Building, The Cunard Building and The Liver Building.

A nearby ventilation shaft is just to the right of the Liver Building (oblong shape).

Fireworks are set off celebrating Liverpool’s 800th Birthday and the colours of those fireworks are reflected in The Canning Dock.

The Image was captured inside The Royal Albert Dock in 2007.


My Camera was mounted on a tripod. I set the exposure for 30 seconds, allowing the camera to record the architecture and surroundings for 15 seconds,

between 16 – 30 seconds the fireworks were set off, allowing me to get my desired exposure.

The Image has been used in many publications including The Liverpool Echo and productions by Liverpool Historian Frank Carlyle.  




Also Depicted in these links are photographs I have taken of The International Mersey River Festival and many other spectacular events,

such as the firework display pictured above.

The variety of views, different perspectives, and lighting moods are a photographers dream, when photographing everything across Liverpool’s Waterfront,

including The Royal Albert Dock (pictured below right).

These photographs were taken 2007 - 2019.






















Above An image of The Royal Albert Dock illuminated at night and depicted in the distant left is The Waterfront Buildings And The Museum Of Liverpool



Liverpool’s massive popularity has helped me raise more awareness for the charity @Bloodcancer_UK (formerly known as Bloodwise).

I "tag” subjects and events with Blood Cancer UK, when I have uploaded images to social media.




It is 12 years I have been in remission from a rare and deadly form of Leukaemia (Acute Promyelocytic Myeloid Leukaemia) for a second time.

Using my work to raise awareness and make money for the charity Blood Cancer UK (former name bloodwise) is my way of “Giving Something Back” after all the life saving treatment given to me at Whiston Hospital.

Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis was in 2001, in April 2019 I was diagnosed with Pneumonia.

I continue to pay for chaperones who  assist me with my work, set up my equipment and drive me to the destination of each assignment.

Life has not been boring for me, but I have lived to tell the tale.....









































The image above was chosen to promote Liverpool’s "Light Night" in 2013.

A high quality version of the file was bought  by "Open Culture"

 All the money from the sale was donated to Blood Cancer UK, then known as Bloodwise

The picture was used on marketing to promote Light Night.

The actual photograph was taken 7/3/11





































Above The Photograph  titled "Moon River”  was used in many of my own exhibitions.

“Moon River” was included in various publications and continues to be highly commended on websites.


The composition was published in the book "Liverpool A Historical Perspective" & DVD "Liverpool Unequalled" by local Liverpool Historian Frank Carlyle.

My work has featured in many of Frank's productions, in return I have been given copies of the books and dvd’s that I used to raise money and awareness for Blood Cancer UK  

by selling them and using them as raffle prizes.


The image “Moon River” was taken at night in Birkenhead looking back at Liverpool’s majestic Waterfront.

It was the closest the moon had been to earth for 10,000 years.

The sun set in Birkenhead and the Moon rose over the Liverpool Waterfront within seconds,

families came out to look and wonder at a natural phenomenon the atmosphere was incredible!

The image was taken 19/3/11








Tony Snell of Radio Merseyside was involved with Frank Carlyle’s productions that my work featured in, and he highlighted my work so my photography would be a feature of Frank's Productions.

Tony Snell has been very supportive to me with mentions on Radio Merseyside.

I have also been a live guest on Frank Carlyles Mersey Radio program and a guest on radio  Merseyside on three Occasions

(Linda McDermot (“The Late show” live in 2008),

Helen Jones (recorded) and Jimmy McCracken (recorded).

My work has been commended regularly on local radio and of course any compliments received in the Media have made reference to #Bloodwise_uk

Links to references in both paragraphs above

Tony Snell


Linda McDermot


Helen Jones


Jimmy McCracken


Frank Carlyle

Transition Ceremony Fireworks Pier Head Waterfront Liverpool  10/1/09



The Transition Ceremony closed Liverpool’s Year Of Culture (2008)  and officially started the city’s Year Of The Environment(2009).


I have never been so determined to get a photograph.

Helped by two chaperones that included my driver I was wearing several layers of thick clothing, a thermal hat and scarf facing Liverpool’s Waterfront on a January evening.

Sittting in my wheelchair with several thick blankets and hot water bottle, a cable release was attached to camera, so I would avoid getting out of my chair to capture the photograph

I had continually eaten plenty of high protein nutritional food and drank plenty of warm drinks, throughout the event.


My equipment was  positioned facing the three graces originally,

a zoom lens was attached to my camera  to get as close to the buildings as possible (28-300mm lens).


The finale to the firework ceremony involved fireworks set off at an angle on the right,

therefore I asked my chaperones to quickly attach my wide angle lens (12-24mm lens) and alter the position of my tripod.


The resulting image is of a triple burst orange firework exploding on The River Mersey across Liverpool’s Waterfront.

The photograph shows Liverpool’s traditional architecture and contemporary skyscrapers.  

The moon can be seen on the  left of the photograph, adding extra atmosphere to the night sky.




Liverpool Waterfront

Port Of Liverpool Reference

The Royal Liver Building (Officail Website)

The Port Of Liverpool Buiding

The Cunard Building

The Museum Of Liverpool

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The Royal Albert Dock

3-4 The Colonnades




L3 4AF






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