Photograph - courtesy of Chione

It gives me great pleasure to report on the success of Liverpool band Chione.

Chione have gone to America to make a new album, music videos, as well as appear in some venues over in the states, based in Hollywood and Vine. Already they have appeared in small pubs like "Molly Malones" and are looking forward to playing Sunset Stripís "House of Blues".


They have have recorded four music videos which will soon be on "MTV" USA and UK, also other cable channels.



The band are currently working with high profile names on their debut album, including Roy Thomas who produced Queen and The Rolling Stones. They are also doing a track with Hugo Zucarelli who invented a type of sound called Holophonics. He worked with Pink Floydd and Michael Jackson.


They are to appear in this months "BRE" mag which is a famous publication over in America. They are also working with an ex A&R consultant from "Dreamworks".

Final Gig

Chione will be performing their final gig on 27th November 2004 7-9.30pm at the Carling Academy Liverpool, Hotham St 7pm-9.30pm. Tickets £10


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