The Statue Of Liverpool singer Billy Fury (a project conceived by Peter and Lynda Keller was unveiled at the Museum Of Liverpool Life, situated inside the Albert Dock 19/04/03.

The Sculptor was Tom Murphy.

Billy’s voice was effortless,

I wanted to write my own personal tribute below.


He Stands

He struts

His hands beckon you to look.



His stage presence arresting

The crowd go wild,

as the spotlight pinpoints this singer.


Boyfriends shake heads in frustration as their girlfriends scream out “Billy!!!!!!!!!!” in appreciation.

A boyfriends look of frustration sums up his jealousy.


Females gaze hypnotized, whishing that they were up on stage with him,

Hoping one day that he would surely care

but after all this is only make believe. 


His voice overpowering

From the stage, to the audience, over the Mersey to Birkinhead

and beyond, his voice echoed like thunder!!!!!!!!!!!


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