Liverpool1 has brought fresh vibrancy to the City Of Liverpool.

The Pictures below were taken since being opened in 2008


Opening Day 29/5/08

Speaker, Lord Mayor OF Liverpool 2008 Steve Rotheram, Lady Mayoress , Distance Joanna Jennings (Chief Ececutive Liverpool1 2008, wearing green dress), St Johns Beacon in distance


Christmas Shopping etc





 Everyday Shopping etc


25/4/11 When the shops are shut, Easter Sunday

Architecture And Landmarks


Chavasse Park, Views, Hilton Hotel, One Park West Building



Attractions Events And Celebrations

Picture Below Taken On Liverpool1 1st Birthday 29/5/09


Princess Royal Opened Liverpool1 Phase II 1/10/08

Liverpool1 Birthday Celebrations 29/5/09



Laura Critchley and Ian Prose duet in Liverpool1, Beatles Day 10/7/09

The Fore Band play in Chavasse Park, Beatles Day 10/7/09

Liverpool1 Birthday Celebrations 29/5/09

Liverpool1 has provided many attractions on Chavasse Park.

In 2010 An attraction called The North Star was added, this was a ride  for all....who were very brave! 

John Lennon tribute Peace Monument

In 2009 A Ferris Wheel was added to Liverpool 1


                                                                    Part1                                                                                 Part2

Above One Park West Building & Firework commemorating Liverpool1 Birthday

Constructional and Industrial change to Liverpool One




Liverpool1 A passer bye walks past construction at Liverpool1 10/7/08, what is now Waterstones Book store is on the left


Hilton Hotel Construction




Construction workers





People Relax On Steps In Liverpool1 10/9/09

Below Liverpool1 Opening Day Celebrations


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