Liverpools Dream - Giant Spectacular 2018


Dates Of Event:- 4th October – 7th October 2018

Actual Photographs Taken:- From 5th October – 7th October


"Are The Giants Real?!"

On dry land, water,

Carried on top of lorry containers and lifted in the air by cranes,

the Giants continued to surprise the mass crowds who gathered to watch the drama unfold.....

The life-like expressions, agility and artistry of these Giants created by Royal de Luxe  was such a fascination,

it made “you” “forget” that they were actually man made and had to be operated, as this magnificent concept unfolded before people’s eyes,

throughout the  mass crowds in Liverpool!

The Giant Glances Down As He Approaches The Albert Dock Gates











Little Boy Giant Is Photographed On A Lorry Container Resting In A Large Sandal,

The Sandle Is Later Used As A Raft In The Next Image Below, Leaving The Event, Sailing From The Salthouse Dock, Watched By The Giant 

Little Boy Giant, eyes open lying down in shoe on tr

The "Thought" That These Giants Could Be "Real" Is Literally  Demonstrated By Xolo The Dog, As He "Cleans" The Pavement :-) 

A Charming Angelic Life Like Glance From Little Girl Giant As She Wallks Past The Amazed Crowds

Both Little Girl Giant And The Giant Are Lifted By Cranes By The Canning Dock On Strand Street,

Museum Of Liverpool,Open Eye Gallery, Apartments On Man Island And the Dome Of The Port Of Liverpool Building  Are In The Background


The Giant Is Lifted From His Raft By A Crane Near The Pumphouse At The Royal Albert Dock

Little Girl Giant Is Lifted By Crane, Canning Dock, Just Above Royal Albert Dock Sign Expertly Controled By A Member Of Royal de Luxe (Top Of Picture)


The Giant Goes For A Sail In The Canning Dock And Glances To The right

Giants Part3

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