The 3 Graces are The Liver Building , The Cunard Building, Port of 

Liverpool Building (Home of Merseyside Docks and Harbor company). 

They can be seen at the Pier Head and can almost be seen on every view of the city. 

In July 2004 the Pier Head was named as a World Heritage Site.

Shot Title-"World Famous Waterfront" 

Picture depicts Pier Head in background while depicting Merchant Navy War  Memorial in foreground 

Memorial to the Missing of the Naval Auxiliary Personnel of the Second World War.

The Memorial dates from 1952.  


Liver Building Clock  

Shot Title- 3 Amazing Graces


ABOVE Taken Pier Head 

ABOVE Taken by Albert Dock 

ABOVE Taken in Albert Dock

ABOVE Taken by Chevasse Park  




Changes To Liverpool Waterfront, Image Taken In 2009

Liverpool Waterfront 2007 & Beyond

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